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Mold manufacturing time dropped by 30%

many people would agree that South Korea is one of the manufacturing leaders. In order to strengthen their competitiveness, they will introduce new styles to the market every week in order to ensure their market share. Imagine the speed at which engineers will carry out product design and be a member of Bayer Materials Technology Implementation Committee and the global leader of sustainable development; (1 on the left) Dr. Christian Haessler can timely respond to the release of new products

shinyoung precision company, as one of the famous and fast-growing enterprises in Korea, is using hyperMILL to shorten the overall time of mold manufacturing. "We have been able to reduce the overall process time of mold manufacturing by 30% due to a significant reduction in the demand for electrodes." Mr. Yun HEO, as the director of the mold research and development center, said, "in the past, we used 3-axis machine tools. Due to the limitations of many processing areas, a large number of electrodes were required to complete." Shinyoung precision company, as the top supplier of Korean LG company, has to react faster than its competitors. "After using hypremill, we were able to reduce the total number of electrodes by a considerable 40%." Mr. HEO explained

shinyoung precision company uses hyperMILL for the stage of 5-axis high-speed machining. Mr. Doo Suk Hwang, as an engineer of the manufacturing team, is one of the users of hyperMILL. He said: "in the past, we had to clamp the mold for many times, including on the spark machine, to achieve the complete manufacturing of a mold cavity. Now, through the 5-axis high-speed machining center, we can produce the mold with only one clamping." "HyperMILL keeps me safe through its reliable interference checking and avoidance technology." Hwang said confidently, "Although some of our competitors have started to use 5-axis machining, they only carry out 3 + 2 or indexing machining - which means that they always process at a fixed angle. HyperMILL can realize the use of 5-axis complete linkage cutting and at the same time carry out the urgent, cruel and reliable interference inspection and avoidance technology to process the mold, which fully reflects the ability and value of our machine tools."

open mind Technologies AG, as a German company developing hyperMILL, has begun to develop automatic interference and avoidance functions when any mold manufacturer does not have the concept of 5-axis machining technology in his mind. At that time, open mind technologies had foreseen the development direction and market demand of 5-axis machining in mold manufacturing. The product life cycle, like the manufacturing process, is becoming shorter. When the machine tool has reached its best advantage, blindly increasing the cutting rate may lead to lower production efficiency

new cutting methods and processes are in great demand. 5-axis machining is not only to reduce the number of clamping, but also to process the type areas that can not be realized by 3-axis although the melt strength of high molecular weight PPC is good. However, it is not a simple task to use all five servo motors to drive the machine tool mechanism smoothly and keep synchronization. Although the NC control system of the machine tool will do the main work for this, it is the basic work of the cam system to coordinate the movement speed of the machine tool in all directions and drive the tilt and rotation of each axis to achieve curves and sharp bending shapes. HyperMILL has a forward-looking technology, which optimizes the tool axis inclination before and after the corner so that the cutting mechanism is ready for it. "HyperMILL not only uses its 5-axis technology to perfectly drive our high-speed machine tools, but also has a customized post-processing system for the machine tool control system, which can support the special instructions of our machine tool controller. Now, with the pace of capacity reduction in the industry, it is only common for us to use a 0.3mm diameter ball cutter and a speed of 40000 rpm for cutting!" Mr. Hwang said proudly. Since the successful application of hyperMILL, shinyoung has increased the number of such machine tools from 2 to 4. (end)

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