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Methods of making and stretching wood frames in silk printing

synthesize the wood strips into 90 ° angles, fix the four corners with angle iron, insert nails with nails, and file the stubble. The inlaid wood strips are made of basswood and sawn to 7mm × 7mm wooden strips are taken out and inspected for devices placed for a longer time. The advantage of using basswood batten is that the nail is not easy to loosen. When using it again, it is good to pull out the nail, and the frame can be reused

when stretching, first take a piece of silk slightly larger than the frame, soak it in hot water (70 ~ 80 ℃), after softening, grasp the two corners with both hands, shake off the water, and lay it on the surface of a slotted plastic bag. Next, stretch it flat and tighten it, nail the four sides with small nails, and then inlay the warp and weft threads with wooden strips to maintain the balance of the four sides until it is tight and flat. After drying, use a sharp blade to cut off the excess silk along the periphery of the wood inlay, flush the sundries on the silk with tap water, dry it and set it aside after loosening

it should be noted that the larger the wood frame is, the wider the wood material of the wood strip should be, otherwise the frame will not withstand the tension of the wire and cause bow or bending

source: Information Center of the washing and dyeing industry when there are too many oxide skins in China

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