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The management enlightenment of Haier culture Haier phenomenon is a very powerful example of culture winning and enterprise unbeaten The study of Haier culture has typical representative significance, mainly because Haier is a microcosm of the development process of many state-owned enterprises in China The most important thing is that Haier has its cultural flag that still flies high after the wind and rain

I. about "Haier culture"

"philosopher" Zhang Ruimin and Haier culture Zhang Ruimin is undoubtedly the "soul figure" of Haier. His guidance to Haier mainly includes three aspects: first, the guidance of personality "Doing great things, not being a big official", his life orientation is against the traditional bureaucratic politics, and advocates that enterprise people should really contribute high-quality products and services to the society, and fully realize the unity of self and society in this process; Second, it advocates using the spirit of culture to transmit Haier's value orientation The essence of its cultural spirit is the national spirit and national pursuit Zhang Ruimin especially praised Lao Tzu's thought that "everything in the world is born of being, and being is born of nothing". He believed that it was extremely important to give full play to people's consciousness and creativity; Third, the application of Philosophy in management Zhang Ruimin is very good at using small things in business to reflect the general principle of enterprise development, because he firmly believes that any profound philosophy is not a really useful theory if it can not be restored to the facts of life and guided. Therefore, it is appropriate to call Zhang Ruimin a "philosopher"

Haier culture with a sense of hardship In many reports and articles on Haier, they all unanimously emphasized Haier's five consciousness --- quality consciousness, market consciousness, user consciousness, brand consciousness and service consciousness However, in my opinion, from a cultural perspective, these consciousness are derived from the deep-seated --

- suffering consciousness of Haier culture Without this, all other consciousness will become water without source and trees without roots This sense of anxiety is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, we constantly step out of ourselves and pressurize ourselves, "the only thing we fear is ourselves"; Second, implement "self transcendence" in daily management, and apply the famous "enterprise slope sphere law" (i.e. "Haier law") to implement the OEC management method of "clearing every day, clearing every day, and improving every day"

"case teaching" and Haier culture In 1998, "Haier culture activates shock fish" was officially incorporated into the MBA case base of Harvard University Interestingly, Haier people have long been familiar with the specific application of this practice in practice In the history of Haier, there are three famous "cases". First, smashing refrigerators and old ideas to establish a new quality awareness; Second, the "fan Ping incident" triggered a major change in Haier's management concept; Third, Haier culture activates "shock fish" to reach a new level of enterprise management After extensive discussion, high-level momentum building and grass-roots practice, these have been precipitated into Haier cultural classics, forming the origin of Haier culture

Employment mechanism and Haier culture Haier's employment mechanism includes two aspects: first, the competition mechanism fundamentally ensures the enterprising nature of Haier's culture. Haier proposes to let everyone have their own development space and change "Bole Xiangma" into "racetrack horse"; Second, the cooperation mechanism ensures the consistency of Haier's culture on the basis. The planned economy is implemented within the group. This time, jipanasonic has also developed a material modification technology group that randomly matches glass fibers to suppress warpage, and a high degree of market economy is implemented outside the group

II. Enlightenment from Haier culture

corporate culture is not a decoration, not an ornament. The construction of corporate culture is a very arduous project Anything that can shake the hearts of the people is not done overnight. Therefore, the construction of corporate culture requires refining the spirit in the subtle, drawing the essence from the tedious, and persisting for years

the construction of corporate culture focuses on full participation and overall interaction Anything, only if you personally participate, you will have a sense of Only when "it's none of your own business" can you "hang high". In the process of participation, let employees experience different feelings such as sense of achievement, frustration, warmth, and crisis. Through communication and integration, cultivate employees' sense of responsibility, and gradually form a value criterion that a large u value (a parameter to measure the insulation effect) will be reduced by 86%

the personality charm of entrepreneurs is often the living idol at the cultural level We will find a common phenomenon when we study the century old large enterprises: the thoughts and styles of the founders play a fundamental role in the formation of corporate culture Under the uncertain circumstances, the insight and decision-making power of leaders are very important, and these will form the personality charm of enterprise leaders. Even in a society ruled by law rather than by man, this is indispensable Zhang Ruimin in Haier culture has a philosophical bearing and family style, that is, he has this personality. (1) the increasing charm of environmental experiments (high and low temperature experiments) has become the flag bearer of Haier culture and the owner of Haier's "joint fleet"

corporate culture has huge industry and individual differences At present, Haier is a group enterprise mainly engaged in manufacturing. The manufacturing industry puts more emphasis on being conscientious and meticulous, embodying a certain spirit, forming a certain idea and standardizing people's words and deeds in a large number of repetitive and boring daily work If it is a high-tech industry, its corporate culture will focus on competition, adventure and efficiency In addition, different personnel composition and different property right structure have a great impact on the style and characteristics of corporate culture

the corporate culture must maintain relative stability and consistency It includes two aspects

first, from a large perspective, China's corporate culture should reflect China's history and national conditions, and should not publicize individualism and lone ranger style like American culture Haier culture is very prominent in this respect. "Haier made in China" is actually the specific practice that Haier hopes to spread to the public to promote Chinese culture Second, from a small point of view, when a certain culture takes shape, culture, like the brand, is often associated with certain specific products or services, or even combined into one The author does not agree with such things as Pierre Cardin machine or even Pierre Cardin tile, because what Pierre Cardin has accumulated in the eyes of the world for many years is the concept of clothing culture, which is soft and beautiful, and incompatible with the rigid East-West style of machine or tile Therefore, in the early stage of building corporate culture, we must combine the refinement of culture with the long-term development strategy of the enterprise to give people a sense of relative stability and consistency As an entrepreneur, we should remember that there are pitfalls in brand extension and misunderstandings in cultural extension

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