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Sichuan: promote the operation and management standard of building energy efficiency. How to make a breakthrough in the utilization of new materials for large public buildings on the skeleton? On June 27, at the Sichuan building equipment and operation management energy-saving technology exchange seminar held in Chengdu, experts agreed that it is necessary to jointly promote the formulation of regional building energy-saving operation management standards as soon as possible, so that large public buildings can become energy-saving demonstration

as the western region with relatively backward economy, people in Sichuan have a serious lack of understanding of the importance and urgency of building energy conservation: first, there is no major breakthrough in many key building energy conservation application technologies, the technical level is low, and there is still a gap with the north and advanced regions; Second, some advanced and mature building energy-saving technologies and products will be tested if they are not promoted and applied in time; Third, the supervision is not enough, and the standards for the operation and management of building energy conservation need to be continuously improved, so as to finally make the building energy conservation industry a new growth point for Sichuan's economic development

in order to effectively promote building energy conservation, the Sichuan Provincial Department of construction is preparing to establish standards and specifications for building energy conservation operation and management that are suitable for the characteristics of Sichuan, and actively investigate the basic information such as the building area, structural form and energy consumption system of state office buildings and large public buildings that can match the materials to be tested, And gradually formulate the implementation plan for energy conservation management of office buildings of state organs and large public buildings

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, Sichuan Province will, driven by demonstration, establish an energy-saving management system for office buildings of state organs and large public buildings suitable for the characteristics of Sichuan Province. By improving various systems such as energy efficiency evaluation, energy consumption standards, energy consumption statistics, energy audit, energy efficiency publicity, energy quota, energy-saving services, etc., Sichuan Province will make full use of cost-free or low-cost technical means to tap the energy-saving potential. On this basis, we will gradually carry out energy-saving transformation of state organ office buildings and large-scale public buildings that still have the potential to save energy as the most important automobile lightweight materials, and strive to reduce the total energy consumption of state organ office buildings and large-scale public buildings by 20% by the end of the Eleventh Five Year Plan

sponsored by Sichuan intelligent building professional committee and co organized by Chengdu Branch of Taihao Technology Co., Ltd., the seminar also conducted in-depth exchanges on the application and promotion of Taihao's fully integrated energy-saving scheme in the energy-saving transformation of existing buildings

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