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"Manufacturing in the experience era" highlights the four major trends in the future

on November, 2017, the "manufacturing in the experience era" conference of Dassault system, a proportional control element whose performance meets the requirements of most engineering testing industries, came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai. Decision makers and celebrities from the global manufacturing field gathered together with users of 3dexperience platform to explore the intelligence, value, humanism and innovation trends of the manufacturing industry, reshape the appearance of the workshop and create the value to replace the traditional supply chain, he once said

the manufacturing industry speech topics of the four types of customers are respectively aimed at improving speed and agility through real-time learning, coherent value flow from conception to customers, injecting power into collaboration and innovation, and implementing new business models through cost-effective mass customization

adrian price, director of global powertrain manufacturing of Ford Motor Company

zhaozhenrui, director of information and Automation Department of HBIS group Tangsteel company

liuchunming, deputy chief engineer of CRRC Tangshan Locomotive and rolling stock Co., Ltd.

alec Clark, mechanical engineer of Joby aviation, delivered opening and closing speeches, Through on-site demonstration of 3dexpress platform, Dassault system executives introduced in detail how manufacturers use the "3dexpress twin" method to simulate, experience and optimize various operations throughout the extended enterprise and transform their industry

3dexperience platform user branch takes twelve industries and multiple professional fields as the background to deeply discuss the manufacturing industry trends such as robot technology, man-machine cooperation robot, digital continuity and artificial intelligence, as well as the application of Dassault system DELMIA, realize, envirovia and Quintiq

in addition, participants can experience the future manufacturing factory in the interactive 3dexperience interactive experience area, get together with peers, and gain a deep understanding through the round table discussion on the future of China's manufacturing industry

the senior management of Dassault system said that Dassault system focuses on the future development direction of the manufacturing industry and may present a new development track in the future. 3D virtual execution is also one of the hot spots. The future world is driven by two engines. Data science, modeling and simulation science ensure that enterprises will be invincible

taking VR as an example, Dassault's 3dexperience platform emphasizes the combined application of V and R, and combines the development of hardware and geographical location information. As far as artificial intelligence is concerned, find some regularity through data, and improve the extension efficiency of production according to the pattern characteristics of the found data. A similar technology of artificial intelligence is called non monitoring communication identification technology. This technology integrates the intersection paths and effectively reduces many costs in this way. In the future, there will be more and more artificial intelligence technologies and equipment applications, so as to carry out more intelligent analysis of dynamic data. With the change of personalized production demand, the supply chain has become increasingly complex, flexible and sudden. It needs more flexibility in the production process. Using multiple information paths can produce more dynamic results. Dynamic configuration of all production factors is required. Dynamic supplier selection and dynamic production plan arrangement can be carried out through supplier application. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a network. In the network, more operation modes depend on each other and contact each other. Operating to a certain node changes a certain workflow or work parameters, which will affect the production mode of enterprises at other nodes. It is no longer a simple linear model, but a lattice model. In the aerospace field, because of the highly customized product demand, this networking is widely used. This transformation is driven by the final consumers. Now the final consumers' demand is becoming more and more diversified, and they hope that the customized products will be delivered faster and faster. Experience has shown that the 3dexperience platform provides a variety of basic data models, which can help customers conduct digital modeling of the real world, and there is a strong correlation between building models and the digital world. In addition, Dassault system focuses on how to improve the technology of employees through the digital reproduction of the real world. For example, when an oil and gas company establishes a new drilling platform, it helps them to carry out better employee safety training through the platform

in addition to personalized customization, consumers pay more and more attention to the purchase experience. In addition to the product itself, more services and experiences must be matched. The services and experiences must be equivalent to the hardware mechanism system, which is the so-called integrated composition. It involves 3D printing, control process optimization, information navigation, etc. depending on what customers need, it can be combined on this platform to improve execution. More and more enterprises begin to try 3D innovation. What Dassault does is to help customers drive forecasts and analyze historical data. Customer information feedback is very important to drive future development. It can further accurately carry out marketing and provide better services to meet market needs. There is also synchronous e-commerce, which needs to reconsider the delivery mode, time, efficiency and location of goods, and 3dexpress platform can also provide a new and continuously optimized and updated interface of all visual recycled plastic granulator. As the market is affected by many driving factors, the data itself can be effectively linked through a high degree of integration to ensure the purity and efficient acquisition of data

The design of the

3dexperience platform is very powerful. It can stand the test of all control systems, behavior patterns, resource patterns, etc., and achieve the effect of using virtual systems to verify its own patterns

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