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In recent years, with the continuous development and strength of China's pharmaceutical industry, the increasing number of drug types, the continuous enrichment of drug dosage forms, and the continuous improvement of product quality produced by major pharmaceutical factories, China's requirements for drug packaging are also increasing, especially the requirements for drug automatic cartoning machines, Various multi-functional automatic cartoning machines have also been gradually used by pharmaceutical enterprises

at present, there are many kinds of automatic cartoning machines for drugs made in China. The relevant competent departments and associations of digital laboratory machines can lead the industry leading enterprises to formulate relevant standards; At the same time, it is hoped that experts and academic leaders in the industry will actively advocate a complete range of items, which can basically meet the packaging needs of drugs of different dosage forms produced by domestic drug manufacturers. According to different classification methods, the automatic cartoning machines currently produced in China can be divided into several types

there are four main series according to different packaging materials, which can be divided into bpk cartoning G type, i.e. blister plate type injection type and ointment type full-automatic cartoning machine. High molecular materials can be flame retardant treated with flame retardant; In terms of the running speed of the automatic cartoning machine, it can be divided into three categories. The first category is the medium and low speed type, and the speed is about pulling the box/min; The second type is medium high speed type, with the speed of about 80~120 boxes/min; The third type is high-speed type, and the speed is greater than 150 boxes/min. each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. The uses are also different

at present, compared with foreign similar products, the technical content of the products of the famous domestic manufacturers of automatic cartoning machines for drugs mainly has the following problems: 1. There is a big gap in market competitiveness. In terms of market share, the share of closed-loop automatic control machine using servo valve or proportional valve as control element for automatic cartoning of domestic drugs is only about 30%, which is only slightly superior in the middle and low-end market, and the rest of the market is divided up by imported products. 2. The function needs to be improved. At present, many large-scale domestic drug manufacturers still mainly use imported drug automatic cartoning machines. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the comprehensive performance of the domestic drug automatic cartoning machine can not meet the needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers

in recent years, in addition to some manufacturers specializing in the production of automatic drug cartoning machines, some domestic universities and scientific research institutes have also participated in the development and production of automatic drug cartoning machines. Zyzhan believes that relying on the scientific research strength of various universities and scientific research institutes, the development and production of domestic drug automatic cartoning machine will have a major breakthrough in the near future

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