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What are the types and functions of switch sockets? Now let's introduce them one by one

what are the types and functions of switch sockets? Now let's introduce them one by one

type of switch socket:

86 switch: the appearance of the most common switch socket is square, and its overall size is 86mm× 86mm. This kind of switch is often called type 86 switch. Type 86 is an international standard. It is installed in many developed countries. It is also the most commonly used switch in engineering and home decoration in most regions of our country at present

here is the introduction of Boden's 86 type switches, which are: simple and generous creation series, delicate and fashionable 2V purple gold series, and luxurious G7 series! Chuangjing series only has white, 2V and G7 series have three colors, of which the 2V frame is a bright spot, and the effect of installing it is very good, which plays a role of making the finishing point! G7 is a high-end product, which has a king's style in both quality and design

Type 118 switch: type 118 switch generally refers to a horizontally mounted strip switch. Type 118 switch is generally free combination style: it is composed of different functional modules clamped into the frame. It is widely used in Chongqing, Hubei, Guangxi and other places. Type 118 switch is generally divided into small box, medium box and large box in the electrician's list. The length is 118mm, 154mm and 195mm respectively, and the width is generally 74mm. The advantage of type 118 switch socket lies in its DIY style! It is flexible and can change colors according to your needs and preferences. It is easy to disassemble and assemble and has a free style. For example, botton's platinum 118 series is a good representative! There are three colors and different borders, so that your personality can be fully displayed

simple comparison: the type 86 switch can be opened four times at most. (I personally think that no matter which brand of type 86 switch, I like one open and two open most!) But 118 can be matched to 8 Kai! However, it is still rare for someone to use the 8-drive. The number of 118 will be much less when installed, but 86 is the national standard. There is a certain reason for it. Besides, the switch socket installed at home is not only to perform its most basic functions, of course, the basic functions are better, Choose the switch with good style (I don't just say that Boden switch is good because it's made, but the style of Boden switch is really good-looking. When I say this, I must have seen a lot of switches. I'm not saying that other switches are not good-looking. Some brands of switches are also very good-looking, but the price,,, and in my life, I'm also a consumer. I know that as a consumer, the requirement of a product is cost-effective, and only products with high cost performance are cost-effective Botton is famous for its high cost performance in winning the favor of consumers!) It can also play a decorative function and add a lot of color to your warm home! For electricians, 118 switches are easier to install. From the perspective of long-term safety and confidence, it is recommended to buy 86 switches

120 type switch: the common 120 type module takes 1/3 as the basic standard, that is, in a vertical standard 120mm× Three 1/3 standard modules can be installed on the 74mm panel. Modules are divided into 1/3, 2/3 and 1-bit by size. The height of 120 type finger panel is 120mm, which can be matched with functional parts of one unit, two units or three units

There are two kinds of external dimensions of the 120 switch, one is single connection, 74mm× 120mm, which can be configured with one unit, two units or three units; One is double connected, 120mm× 120mm, which can be configured with four units, five units or six units. The main consumer groups are concentrated in Hangzhou, Huzhou and Shaoxing, Zhejiang! For consumers in Chongqing, this can be ignored

146 switch: the width is twice that of ordinary switch sockets, such as some four position switches, ten hole sockets, etc. the panel size is generally 86mm× 146mm or similar size, and the center distance of mounting holes is 120.6mm. Note: long cassette can be installed. 146 it was popular a few years ago, but then it gradually faded out of the market. At present, a few businesses in the market still have a small amount of inventory

function: at present, the variety and quality of switch sockets in the market are diverse, which makes consumers at a loss when purchasing. Switch sockets are not only a kind of household decorative functional products, but also the main parts and components for safe electricity use. Their product quality, performance and materials play a crucial and decisive role in preventing fires and reducing losses





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