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In terms of marketing, Wanshida will pay attention to the investment in network channels, combine online and offline, and expand Wanshida's marketing channels

home hotline: Hello, President Liang, welcome to the interview with Huiya media. First of all, we want to know what is the purpose of xiawanshida holding the technical exchange meeting of Guangdong wooden door association

president Liang: Hello! Many members of Shunde Association have many cooperative relations with Shunda, the predecessor of Wanshida. They have been old friends for many years, and many new friends have joined in these years. Therefore, this meeting is a gathering between new and old friends. Wanshida wants to strengthen the communication between the industry through this meeting, so that more people can deepen their understanding of Wanshida and Shengshi manor brands

Liang Zequan, general manager of Wanshida

home hotline: in this afternoon's meeting, the participants included members of Foshan home decoration alliance. Will Wanshida consider cross-border alliance cooperation with other brands

president Liang: in terms of brand alliance, Wanshida will cooperate with other brands based on resource sharing, complementarity and products Wanshida has not done to expand brand influence

home hotline: the phenomenon of plagiarism in the wooden door industry is very serious. What is the root cause of the prevalence of fake goods

president Liang: because wooden doors are mostly customized products, there is a lack of corresponding standards in both the middle and high-end. Without standards, the threshold is low, and all kinds of plagiarism have emerged, and Shanzhai is popular

home hotline: in 2012, Wanshida launched the Shengshi manor product series, which was a great success. What new series of products will Wanshida launch in the future? What is the HFB design of Wanshida? Can you give us a brief introduction

president Liang: in the future, Wanshida will launch new, simple, French series products to meet the needs of more consumers and expand the market! As for HFB design, it emphasizes an integrated concept, which combines work and life to convey an integrated concept

home hotline: Wanshida has been awarded the advanced unit of integrity and safety. How do we Wanshida do in integrity

Mr. Liang: integrity is very important to Wanshida. Wanshida has developed for 21 years. In the development of the enterprise, we have always put integrity in the first place, and do what we say, which is also the brand purpose of Wanshida

home hotline: good performance is inseparable from excellent marketing. Does Wanshida have any new measures in marketing promotion

president Liang: in terms of marketing, Wanshida will pay attention to the investment in network channels, combine online and offline, and expand Wanshida's marketing channels. Therefore, in this year's Guangzhou Construction Expo, Wanshida did not regularly participate in the exhibition, but participated in the exhibition in the form of o2o activities of the Construction Expo, which is to comprehensively promote and serve end users and dealers through online and offline linkage

home hotline: Thank you, Mr. Liang. I also hope that Wanshida's network investment and marketing can open a new situation

president Liang: Thank you




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