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In the summer of 2014, the layout of the whole industrial chain of Zhongxun holdings was continuously strengthened, and the unsaturated resin enterprises with heavy capital injection and holding were successfully merged. The in-depth layout of the whole industrial chain entered an unprecedented period of strong development

the newly invested unsaturated resin enterprise has a total construction area of 50000 square meters, and has advanced DCS European fully automated top production equipment. Through scientific and efficient production processes and processes such as alcoholysis addition polycondensation dilution sub packaging, the annual output of resin has increased from 200000 tons to 300000 tons, occupying a leading position in the industry. The resin is self supplied, achieving significant growth, and further solving the supply problem of core base materials, The production and manufacturing capacity has been greatly improved to meet the increasing demand of the global market for Zhongxun products

earlier, Zhongxun (Guangxi) Mining Co., Ltd. reported that the exploration of the mine has made a breakthrough. The mining area has reached the national level rich ore reserve, with a silicon ore reserve of 500 million tons, which is rich in resources, further meeting the core needs. The supply and quality of raw materials are fundamentally guaranteed, and the foundation of the whole industrial chain is consolidated from the source. The continuous supply of high-quality raw materials provides a strong guarantee for the globalization of Zhongxun holding brand

Zhongxun Holdings has the only large-scale mining resources in the industry and has 70 years of independent mining rights. Quartz stones are collected in high-purity quartz mines at 23 degrees north latitude. In order to ensure the purest high-quality raw materials, Zhongxun holdings strictly controls the preliminary processes such as beneficiation, ore washing, impurity removal and purification, and then distributes them to advanced grinding equipment for secondary processing. After multiple processes, it extracts high-purity natural quartz crystals of various sizes and forms

every almost rigorous process will ultimately refine the best raw materials impeccably. The supply of sufficient and pure raw materials has provided strong backing and guarantee for stabilizing the price and quality of Zhongxun products, improving the international comprehensive competitiveness and stabilizing the domestic market

Zhongxun group is comprehensively accelerating the expansion of phase III production base to prepare for the huge global market demand and ensure the strong core competitiveness of Zhongxun group





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