Appreciation of corridor decoration effect drawing

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Aisle is an inevitable part of family decoration, but many owners often ignore this part and design its decoration in an ordinary way. Therefore, in order to improve the taste of the whole room, we should pay attention to the aisle. Then how to design the aisle in the room? Then follow Xiaobian to appreciate the following corridor decoration renderings

the lighting part of the decoration effect drawing of the aisle

the aisle is generally narrow and long, which is easy to produce a sense of tension. In order to make the aisle appear spacious and bright, the decoration effect drawing of the aisle is also very important. We often use lights for decoration to create a fashionable and generous home decoration effect. Generally, the requirements for lighting in the aisle are relatively limited, and they are mostly decorated with ceiling lamps, wall lamps, downlights and spotlights, which can make the aisle appear more spacious and beautiful

the ceiling part of the corridor decoration effect drawing

most of the corridors have beams on them, so in order to make the corridor beautiful, you can use the ceiling for decoration. When designing the ceiling, the pattern is mainly horizontal pattern, which can better reflect the beauty of lines and make the ceiling more concise and smooth. However, in the design of the top surface, try to use a lighter color system to keep the quality of the light consistent with that of the ceiling and bring comfort to people; In addition, the color system of emulsion paint on the top should also be unified with the decoration style of the home, so that the whole space can achieve the best effect

the wall part of the decoration effect drawing of the aisle

the two sides of the aisle are usually brick walls. Generally, don't make too many decorations and complex shapes, which will occupy too much space and appear depressed and boring. How to design aisles that are no longer monotonous? You can use some carvings, hanging pictures or photo walls to decorate according to your preferences, breaking the traditional boredom and adding more fun and artistic atmosphere to life

the floor part of the corridor decoration effect drawing

the floor should be consistent with the style of the living room and bedroom as far as possible, so it will not appear abrupt, but the color of the ground should be slightly darker than the top color, so as to distinguish the areas of the living room and bedroom. It is recommended to choose materials that are easy to clean and wear-resistant, such as granite, marble and other materials. The wall at the bottom can also be decorated with artistic hand-painted and hanging paintings, bringing a thought-provoking feeling

conclusion: the above introduces the relevant knowledge of corridor decoration renderings, and I believe you should have a deeper understanding of this part. In fact, the decorative effect of the aisle is closely related to the design style, and it can also be slightly modified according to your own preferences, but the overall coordination is necessary




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