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Latvian boiler enterprises use Commander SK drives to reduce costs and noise

a European boiler supplier using sawdust pellet fuel uses Emerson CT variable-speed AC drives for product upgrading, reducing production costs and operating noise

the civil and marine Middlesbrough plant on the coastline is adjacent to the Corus steel plant. Blast furnace slag, and other steel plant waste products, form a fine powder called GGBS (furnace stone powder). These fine powders can improve the performance of concrete and replace 20%-80% of ordinary cement

in order to develop a series of products exported to these markets, grandeg company invited EMT company, the local agent of Emerson CT, located in Riga (Riga symptom: fixture divergence). EMT recommended a new type of screw feeder control system to improve equipment performance and reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. The current control system uses Commander SK AC drives of 0.25kw and 0.5 kW to provide smooth and accurate control for the screw feeding motor responsible for supplying sawdust particles

the system has replaced a logic controller, a contactor and a thermal relay. Now, when the boiler fuel demand increases, the driver will accelerate to the required speed. When the fuel demand decreases, the speed will also decrease. Emerson CT also provides driver programming services for one of the company's logicstick logic rods

the products produced by the company now have better performance and higher reliability. The system is also much quieter than before, said Mr. Andris lubins, President of grandeg

it has been proved that the relay is too noisy as a household configuration, but now the whole system starts and operates almost in a quiet state. He said that due to the reduction of stress on bearings and other components, the overall reliability of the product and the long-term use cost of blades currently mainly used in automobile, aircraft and wind power generation have also been greatly reduced. In addition, the driver screen will provide comprehensive diagnostic results, which can solve most problems, saving the cost and resources of door-to-door service

the introduction of Commander SK driver not only reduces the size of the control cabinet by nearly 30%, but also reduces the construction cost of the panel

generally, the installation of Commander SK products is very simple. Moreover, you only need to use the front keyboard to input 10 basic parameters of 1 and main types, and you can complete the programming of most tasks in a few minutes. This is one of the many, if not unique, practical features of the product, which are designed to meet customers' needs for ease of use and versatility. With the Smart Stick plug-in of SK drive, the copying of parameters between devices can not be simpler

for OEM manufacturers, the size design of Commander SK driver allows high-density installation, which greatly saves the size and installation cost of control cabinet. In addition, it also has other features that reflect its industry level: dynamic braking, MODBUS, PID control, EMC filter, fieldbus option, extended memory, basic closed-loop positioning control, and even task scheduling function

the technical cooperation between EMT/Emerson CT and grandeg is the key to the success of this series of new products in the global market. Grandeg company confidently predicts that it will produce about 800 such household systems in the next year, and the F150, which mainly uses all aluminum body, will be successfully exported. Its series of products have 93% energy coefficient, low heating cost and household maintenance cost, 5-year warranty commitment and environmentally friendly zero carbon emission heating solutions

main advantages

reduce the size and cost of the control cabinet

reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs

improve performance and reliability

smooth and accurate control

reduce operating noise

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