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With the explosion of comprehensive screen display technology, the special-shaped cutting "liuhaiping", one of the representative technologies, is expected to usher in greater development and start a new storm in the display fields of intelligence, tablet computers, automotive electronics and so on. At present, the special-shaped cutting display technology has penetrated into most intelligent terminal devices. From Apple iPhone X and domestic brands to smart wearable watches, as well as automobile instruments or central control display screens, etc., they have begun to use the special-shaped cutting display technology

"Profiled cutting 'bangs screen' is an important branch of the rapid development of comprehensive screen. In short, profiled cutting 'bangs screen' means that on the basis of maximizing the display area of comprehensive screen panel, the tensile testing machine equipped with appropriate precision tensile sensor through profiled cutting can accurately record the tensile value process at each time, leaving a position for the front sensor for intelligent terminal equipment, such as camera and ambient light transmission Sensors and distance sensors. " Mr. zhangzhimin, general manager of LCM Business Department of Shenzhen Dijing Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dijing Optoelectronics), told the newspaper that "the abnormally cut 'bangs screen' is a comprehensive screen product that meets the display UI screen proportion specification of Android system and IOS system, and is processed into a display module with the most optimized screen proportion through module processing processes such as panel, optical film abnormally cutting and backlight system abnormally forming"

with the overall screen warming up, the special-shaped cutting "bangscreen" is expected to move towards a new stage of development, and the market scale will accelerate the expansion. According to the reported statistical data, in the first quarter of 2018, more than 90% of the new panel models in China were all full screen designs, of which nearly 20% of the products designed with special-shaped cutting "bangs screen" accounted for. It is expected that by the end of 2018, the products designed with special-shaped cutting "bangs screen" will exceed 30%, nearly 40%

Mr. zhangzhimin believes that the industry's comprehensive screen shaped cutting technology has developed from the earliest angle cutting to the R angle cutting, and then to the current shaped 'bangs'. Each design upgrade of the industry brings different processing technology changes, and puts forward different technical upgrading and transformation requirements for the product production line

in addition to meeting the demand of maximizing the screen share, the development of the overall screen profile cutting technology also aims to improve the drop resistance of the product. "We take intelligence as an example. By adopting a comprehensive screen design, the distance between the four corners of the display screen and the frame will certainly become narrower and narrower after maximizing the screen share. Therefore, how to protect the display frame, in addition to selecting a structural design with better protection and cushioning performance, there is only one way to enhance the strength of the corners of the display screen itself."

based on the technology of processing intelligent ultra-thin and ultra-high definition high-end display screens for many years, Dijing optoelectronics, together with advanced equipment manufacturers at home and abroad, has developed a complete set of servo electromechanical rotating production lines and advanced process flow controlled by the full-scale screen self regulating speed control system, and raised the design product of "bangscreen" with the highest difficulty in the industry to the highest level in terms of production yield and processing efficiency

"Dijing optoelectronics' special-shaped cutting 'liuhaiping' product processing combines the industry's most advanced laser cutting, precision CNC grinding, automatic AOI intelligent detection and other processing technologies, supplemented by highly optimized tooling fixtures, and integrated into Dijing optoelectronics' fully automatic LCM module production line, perfectly realizing advanced manufacturing concepts such as machine quality control, equipment efficiency improvement, personnel assistance and optimization."

Mr. zhangzhimin said that at present, Dijing optoelectronics has completed the capacity upgrade of 8kk laser profiled cutting, formed the capacity matching of 3kk profiled cutting "liuhaiping" products, and has the capacity preparation of 2KK ultimate comprehensive screen COF packaging process. Based on the technology and capacity advantages of Dijing optoelectronics, the sealing ring may fail after working for too long, causing the movement direction of the head Yan 10 of the oil cylinder to be opposite to that in the tensile test. After re oiling, Dijing optoelectronics has not only become the capacity partner of high-end comprehensive screen display modules such as Youda, JDI, BOE, CTC and qunchuang, but also the largest capacity guarantee for high-end comprehensive screen products of domestic first-line brand manufacturers. "After a series of technical transformation and upgrading, Dejing optoelectronics has realized the high-speed beat of one piece of product every 5 seconds in each automatic production line."

from the perspective of industrial applications, intelligence is still the main factor driving demand. However, from the perspective of future development prospects, the penetration rate of tablet computer, smart wear, smart home, automotive electronics and other industries will be further improved, and the demand for special-shaped cutting "bangscreen" products is worth looking forward to

although there are three driving factors for the development of the "liuhaiping" industry of special-shaped cutting, one is the wide application demand, the other is the promotion of quality cost saving, and the third is the display technology. However, at present, consumers are still lack of matching awareness of the rapid development of the "bangs screen" of special-shaped cutting, and the development of the industry is bound to face challenges. At present, the main obstacles to the application of special-shaped cutting "bangscreen" products in the Chinese market are: budget restrictions, difficult to use, engineering design restrictions, user acceptance, understanding of the precautions for the use of special-shaped cutting "bangscreen", and insufficient priority compared with other display technologies

"In fact, through years of technical precipitation and process experience of Dijing optoelectronics on high-end display modules such as ultra-thin, ultra narrow frame and ultra-high definition display, the technology of special-shaped cutting 'bangs screen' has been very mature in solving the complex structure design. Moreover, compared with other comprehensive screen designs, the special-shaped cutting 'bangs screen' is more in line with the definition of comprehensive screen. Because there are many processes in the process of special-shaped cutting, there are The edge and corner cutting has carried out micro crack repair and strengthening measures, and the quality stability of the product is also higher. "

Mr. zhangzhimin predicts that these factors will lead to the products produced by this technology. In the subsequent production process and the user's use process, when they accidentally collide or fall, the intact probability of the display screen will be increased by at least 20 ~ 30 times, and the adaptability of the use environment will be stronger. In addition, due to the use of the special-shaped cutting "bangscreen" display technology, more and more other sensing technologies are seeking to integrate with it, thus strengthening the vigorous development trend of the special-shaped cutting "bangscreen" technology market

the development of "bangs screen" for special-shaped cutting is mixed. On the one hand, it is a powerful three driving forces, on the other hand, it is also a "stumbling block" that must be faced by development. For enterprises that have deeply cultivated this product, opportunities and challenges coexist. Whether they can stand in this field, enterprises still need to make great efforts in terms of cost, quality, technology, etc

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