The hottest laser plastic processing technology

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Laser plastic processing technology

with the development of science and technology, plastic products are no longer just barrels, baskets, basins and bowls on roadside stalls, but are widely used in high-tech, precision and cutting-edge fields such as automobiles, electronics, medical devices and even aerospace. To be applied in these fields, in addition to the material of the plastic itself must meet the requirements, we must also solve the problem of processing

how to achieve precision, cleanliness, speed and efficiency in the process of welding, cutting, carving and drilling has become an urgent problem to be solved in the plastic processing industry

in the traditional machining method, the drill bit and other machinery are directly applied to the plastic workpiece, which is easy to deform the plastic workpiece, and the burr will be formed at the processing place. It also needs some treatment. The precision is often not up to the requirements, and the processing speed is relatively slow. The application of laser technology in plastic processing can avoid the above disadvantages, greatly accelerate the research and development of new plastic products, and make plastic applications enter the field of "high, precision and sharp". Laser is a highly automated and intelligent way to gather light and energy in one body. It forms a laser beam after being focused by the laser, and accurately sends huge energy to very small areas, so as to weld, cut, engrave, mark, drill and other processing of various materials, including plastics

laser processing belongs to non-contact processing, which has no mechanical impact on the workpiece itself, and the workpiece will not deform; The heat affected zone is small, so it is not easy to generate residual heat stress in the workpiece. 5. Thermal expansion rate residual heat stress; The laser beam can be switched on and off at any time after focusing and positioning, which is combined with the computer program, The range of the energy adjustment oscilloscope shall be displayed on the full screen as far as possible (the signal to be measured shall be displayed on the full screen as far as possible: 1. it is convenient to inspect the local details and tracks of the signal, and can realize precise control, so as to complete the precise and complex cutting and drilling; it can also be operated during the moving process of the workpiece, and there is a movable horizontal 10 character head (10 character beam) at the top, so as to automate the processing and greatly improve the production speed; The joints welded by laser are firm, durable and clean, and can be welded with modified rubber and glass fiber filled thermoplastic that are difficult to connect. Laser marking is to form a certain mark on plastic parts by laser, which can also overcome the defects that mechanical marking changes the surface quality of materials and is easy to breed bacteria. The marked marks have high brightness and clear edges

plastic medical equipment is often some very small products. For example, the inner diameter of the catheter hole can only be 0.3mm. In angioplasty, the diameter of the catheter is between 0.0076 ~ 0.025mm. There is no other way to process such a small plastic tube except by laser

at present, some plastic molds are also miniaturized. The characteristics of non-contact, wear-free and accurate positioning of laser are obviously very suitable for the engraving of these minimolds

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