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Lati shows the high performance of injection molded special engineering polymers

with the steady rise of raw material prices and the demand for better technical solutions, attention to the application of high-performance structural thermoplastics is growing

injectable high-performance composites with outstanding mechanical properties have been introduced. In fact, this material has obvious advantages in both production technology and environmental and worker health protection

in order to stay ahead of the market, lati has introduced a new level of products into its long-term development of special materials. This level can be regarded as a real reference standard for most users who are willing to accept the application of traditional PC control system and structural plastics

with the engineering needs, lati provides special engineering materials that can meet the maximum load in terms of tensile strength and elastic modulus

according to this path, when an appropriate material substitution scheme is required, engineers can correctly design the scheme from the beginning. When mixing them with their strong "craftsman spirit" compounds or material components, inappropriate schemes, inserts or ingredients will be omitted

in addition, the wider range of lati thermoplastic composites allows the selection of only suitable single materials to achieve a proper solution that meets the limitations of most harsh environmental factors, including high temperature and chemical corrosion, Moisture Corrosion and adverse weather conditions

high modulus raw materials

a series of new composites provide outstanding elastic modulus, almost twice that of ordinary glass and carbon fiber products

high tensile strength

materials with high shear, bending or torsional strength are usually used. Using a large number of glass fiber reinforced lati materials can achieve long-lasting high strength, which is a potential of the material. For example, the famous nylon 6, nylon 66 and PPS resins are added with 40%, 50% or 60% glass fiber respectively

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