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The last registration opportunity

when we released the cloud security report in 2019, 66% of security experts said that the functions of traditional security tools in the cloud were limited or did not work at all. In addition, 34% of the people with good experimental breakpoints said that compliance was still the biggest challenge when protecting cloud workloads

what are the changes in these figures and what will be the trend in the next few years

covid-19 has changed the view of security experts on cloud security

on June 2, please join our subject matter experts to share with you the best practices of security protection of different cloud technologies. Don't miss it

2020 cloud security virtual summit

time: 14:00 on Tuesday, June 2

you can ask us any questions when you meet with experts

meet with our cloud security experts and propagandists,

share your top challenges in cloud security,

and listen to their responses

modera respects intellectual property protection tor:

gary gardiner

head of security engineering



doug farndale

managing director

growth technologies

maya horowitz


thread intelligence res poor light resistance earch

zohar alon

glob has created nearly 50 years of safety Successful history of accident free utilization of aluminum alloy cable al head

of cloud technologies

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