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Laundry balls being eaten? P & G's innovative packaging has become the object of mischief

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core tip: P & G never dreamed that the tide brand laundry balls produced by the company would one day become the object of competition among teenagers

[China Packaging News] P & G never dreamed that one day the accuracy of the controller of tide brand washing ball produced by the company directly determines the performance of the servo system, and it will become an object that teenagers will compete to swallow

in the United States, young people have launched a contest called "tide challenge". The main participants in this challenge are teenagers, who not only swallow tide laundry balls directly, but even think of a way to bake pizza with laundry balls. Like the "ice bucket challenge" popular before, the "tide challenge" has also formed a viral spread in the social network

in the first 15 days of 2018, the us poison control center received at least 39 reports of people swallowing laundry balls. Fortune magazine said that the so-called "tide challenge" has reached epidemic level

tide challenge (do not imitate)

laundry ball pizza (do not imitate)

tide laundry ball has become a new spoof object

tide laundry ball was born in 2012. The colorful concentrated laundry detergent is wrapped in a transparent plastic film. It feels soft. It is often regarded as hard and strong jelly by infants: high tensile strength and elastic modulus or eating candy by mistake. According to relevant records, between 2013 and 2014, the number of calls received by the U.S. poison control center for eating tide laundry balls by mistake increased by 17%, most of which were infants under 3 years old. In 2017 alone, there were more than 12299 incidents of eating laundry balls by mistake

since 2015, P & G has improved the packaging and coated the outer film of the laundry ball with bitter substances in order to prevent accidental ingestion by infants and children. This measure will reduce the number of children who eat laundry balls by mistake by more than 40%. But it doesn't work for teenagers who deliberately eat laundry balls

P & G can only try to persuade people not to deliberately swallow laundry balls

compared with conventional barreled and bagged cleaners, the concentration of washing liquid in the washing ball is higher. The active ingredient of tide washing ball reaches 90% and contains a chemical substance called 1,4-dioxane, which leads to greater toxicity. After being swallowed, it will cause vomiting, epilepsy, pulmonary edema, coma and even death

five days ago, tide reached an agreement with youtube and Facebook to delete the content of "tide challenge" on the platform. At the same time, rob gronkowski, an influential NFL player, was invited to record a video emphasizing the harm of eating laundry balls.

"where should tide laundry balls be used? Washing clothes, nothing else." Tide added a postscript when releasing this video

in addition, P & G also actively responded to the speech about "tide challenge" on the social platform, warning consumers to drink water or milk to relieve discomfort, and contacting the poisoning control center for immediate medical treatment. And again stressed that "our products must not be edible"

tide's response to the speech about tide challenge

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