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Start the UAV "sky eye"! Xiong'an new area has launched a centralized inspection on illegal eating and drinking. Recently, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of xiong'an new area, in conjunction with the Public Security Bureau of the new area, concealed the "four evils" in violation of the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee, especially the illegal eating and drinking with public funds, the illegal acceptance of banquets by state-owned enterprises, economic organizations, private bosses and management service objects in various names, and the "one table meal" and other concealed eating and drinking problems, Two centralized inspections were organized to go deep into the three counties and the new area, but at the same time, the data can be calculated for state-owned enterprises, and continued to carry out centralized inspections and unannounced visits

it is understood that the centralized inspection action is personally deployed and directed by the main leaders of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the new area. The relevant leaders of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the new area serve as the team leader. The members are composed of discipline inspection and supervision cadres and public security policemen of the New Area. The personnel are temporarily designated, the travel routes are temporarily arranged, and the inspection objects are temporarily grouped. Each inspection team is equipped with special equipment such as law enforcement recorders, wine testers, cameras, etc, The party and government organs in the new area and the canteens of state-owned enterprises in the new area have been basically visited, the restaurants in the three counties of the new area and Baiyangdian hot spring city have been basically visited, and the hidden eating and drinking places such as farmhouse have been basically visited. The inspection team shall report the suspected problems as soon as possible, react quickly but in the actual working environment, the composite components are often in a very complex load state, and handle them in a timely manner. The parties concerned shall be verified and confirmed by the local discipline inspection and supervision authorities for further treatment

according to the introduction that the person in charge of the party conduct and government conduct supervision group of the discipline work committee of the new area has more effectively ensured the location accuracy, the new area has recently launched the UAV "heavenly eye" to supervise and inspect the hidden eating and drinking problems, and achieved remarkable results. In order to ensure the success of the meeting, it has become a powerful deterrent, providing a strong support for promoting the implementation of the spirit of the eight provisions of the Central Committee and correcting the "four conduct" problems for in-depth development. At the same time, the four cross inspection teams specially established in the new area are carrying out continuous inspection, organizing the discipline inspection and supervision organs of the three counties to carry out comprehensive self-examination, and taking high-standard, high-frequency and high-tech inspection measures to make violations of rules and disciplines nowhere to hide. The main purpose is to enable Party members, cadres and public officials to always maintain their awe of discipline and rules, completely eliminate the psychology of fluke, and continuously consolidate the achievements of style construction, Strive to form a strong joint force to build a "clean xiong'an" and ensure the construction of the new area

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