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Late night raids, on-site seizure of 8 enterprises! Dongguan "sword No. 3" is invincible

recently, Dongguan environmental protection department launched a night raid on the "sword No. 3" environmental protection special law enforcement action. From the afternoon to the night of November 13, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau organized competent law enforcement forces and more than 160 people, including the joint monitoring technology department, to carry out an inventory of the areas around Renmin Chung and the Sixth District of Humen nanzha in Chang'an Town in 12 battle lists

a total of 240 enterprises were investigated

this action investigated a total of 240 enterprises, including 81 water-related pollution sources and 128 gas-related pollution sources. A number of pollution sources suspected of environmental problems were found on site, including 35 suspected of direct discharge of pollutants and 6 suspected of abnormal use of pollution prevention and control facilities

10 pollution sources were subject to on-site law enforcement, including 1 Application of big data, IOT, cloud computing, etc. suspected of environmental crimes, 6 direct discharge of waste water, 4 direct discharge of waste gas, and 8 on-site seizure enterprises. For other pollution sources with environmental problems, the relevant staff will gradually replace the imported products, and will further investigate and collect evidence and deal with them according to law

industrial exhaust chokes people's breathing.

what is the situation on the scene of this environmental protection assault? At about 20:42 on November 13, environmental protection law enforcement officers came to the middle Zhen'an road in Chang'an town. Under a 4-story industrial building, the cold wind in the hall was mixed with some strange pungent smell

in a hardware and plastic manufacturing factory on the third floor, we bypassed the rumbling machines and the mountains of cartons and walked all the way to the innermost toilet. Law enforcement officers carefully checked the direction of the drainage pipe. After arriving at the fourth floor, I found that a water storage tank was placed above the toilet, which was filled with turbid industrial wastewater. The water body was gray or green, and several boxes were even filled with thick white foam. These industrial waste water are now being discharged out along the drain pipe of the toilet on the third floor

the person in charge of the factory gestured sharply and told the environmental protection law enforcement officers: "ten minutes! I only waited for ten minutes tonight! I usually use the special sewage pipe!" However, the side of the sewage pipe was blocked, which did not seem to be consistent with the person in charge

after checking the waste water discharge, the law enforcement personnel proposed to continue to check the waste gas discharge. In the light of the light, the person in charge of the factory turned unusually white. As soon as the door leading to the roof was opened, a strong and pungent smell of paint came to our faces, and everyone could not help covering their mouths and noses. The sampling staff took two steps forward and found that the smell was like being covered by an invisible hand, choking people unable to breathe, so they had to withdraw

a staff member with more than 20 years of experience in environmental protection law enforcement said that he had never smelled such smelly waste gas: "what should residents living around do?" Xiang, a law enforcement officer who took notes, coughed constantly. He said that this was the waste gas from the painting process. The smell was so strong that it showed that the waste gas treatment effect was really average

the waste sulfuric acid was directly discharged through the sewer

then, law enforcement officers came to a hardware processing plant on hefengwei industrial road. Raw materials and semi-finished aluminum materials were stacked everywhere in the workshop, and smoke billowed and oily waste water flowed everywhere

law enforcement officials said that the enterprise added equipment without environmental protection approval. The oily waste water produced by the die casting machine flows across the ground and directly flows out of the factory. Generally speaking, these wastewater are easy to cause anoxia in water body, thus affecting biological survival

in a small unlicensed workshop in Wusha science and Technology Park, the smell is everywhere. In several water tanks, the water is yellow or green. Law enforcement officers used pH test paper to test, and the test paper quickly turned red. It is understood that the water tank should be filled with sulfuric acid. There is a sewer in the center of the workshop, from which all sewage is discharged

as the workshop leader could not be contacted, the law enforcement officers decided to seal up the site first. The person in charge of the industrial zone expressed his understanding of the law enforcement action: "it's really hidden here. In fact, it's good for everyone to seal it off."

liudongming, from the fifth Environmental Supervision Brigade, warned that as the head of the industrial zone, we must pay more attention to the rented factories: "first, we should ask him what he does, and second, we should make clear what waste is produced by the emerging 3D technology, which is also a new medium for sculpture. If there are no environmental protection procedures, we should urge the enterprises to handle them. This is called universal management of environmental protection!"

Xiang Jiexin, deputy director of Dongguan Environmental Protection Bureau, said that law enforcement officers would classify the environmental problems existing in enterprises. In case of serious violation of environmental protection laws and regulations, serious impact on the environment and strong public complaints, the law enforcement personnel shall immediately and seriously investigate and deal with the illegal issues in accordance with the law. Those who meet the conditions for on-site seizure shall be immediately sealed up. Those who meet the conditions for administrative detention shall be immediately transferred to the public security organ for administrative detention

enterprises that seriously violate laws and cause serious harm to the environment will be severely punished according to law. If there are general environmental problems, a list of problems will be made and handed over to the relevant departments of the towns and streets under the jurisdiction for follow-up remediation and management according to the regulatory responsibilities. Through various actions of pulling machines in the current market, we hope to solve environmental problems, urge enterprises to implement the main body, improve procedures, improve management level, promote enterprises to abide by the law and maintain a fair business environment

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