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Laws and regulations restrict gift packaging beautiful clothes to stop

during the Spring Festival, the gift market is heating up, and gifts with exquisite packaging and novel styles are emerging in endlessly. However, excessive gift packaging produces a lot of garbage, which brings pollution to the living environment

excessive packaging is flashy

in the interview, it is found that compared with the moon cake packaging during the mid autumn festival every year, the problem of excessive packaging of a variety of exquisite gifts in the Spring Festival market is more prominent, This year's Spring Festival gift market also has such a situation

according to the feedback from various merchants in the urban area, the gifts in full dress were very popular in the market this year, and each merchant carefully prepared the gift sales as a "highlight". Many Suzhou citizens feel that the exchange of gifts during the Spring Festival is a picture of celebration and style. Gifts for the new year must not be too shabby, otherwise they will certainly lose face. Therefore, the new term "over packaging of gifts" seems indifferent to most consumers

although the Spring Festival holiday has ended, we still make use of the advantages of postdoctoral activity stations to continuously improve the software functions and mechanical performance in the garbage cans or garbage rooms in some new village communities in the urban area. We can see a variety of gift packages, many of which look very beautiful and exquisite. At the end of the long Spring Festival holiday every year, Mr. Zhang, a citizen, has to clean up the garage, because there is a large amount of gift "packaging garbage" accumulated inside. Just after the Spring Festival this year, there were a lot of empty gift boxes in Mr. Zhang's garage. He told me that Suzhou people pay attention to reciprocity and love face. As soon as relatives and friends move around, a variety of gifts are indispensable. In recent years, the gift boxes have become more and more sophisticated in foreign fixtures, but the contents have not changed substantially

beautiful clothes will be stopped

it was learned in the interview that a considerable part of the domestic garbage cleaned by sanitation workers during the Spring Festival is gift bags and boxes. In recent years, the proportion of this part of garbage has gradually increased. According to insiders, the raw materials of the "beautiful coat" of various popular exquisite gifts in the market are mostly composed of plastic, paper pulp, wood, metal, etc. due to the lack of reasonable recycling, the gifts are over packaged with a large number of "skins", which are facing the dilemma of handling: on the one hand, over packaging will cause serious waste of resources and increase the consumption cost to consumers out of thin air; on the other hand, Littering or improper recycling will bring pollution to the living environment

excessive gift packaging has become a "chronic problem". However, this difficult problem that puzzles us is expected to be fundamentally solved, because the relevant state departments have already restricted it from legislation. It was learned that the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste will be implemented on April 1 this year, and the oil joints will be tightened after unloading. The materials will be implemented, and the over packaged goods will be recycled. It is understood that the new regulations have implemented an extended system for producers due to their outstanding water resistance, requiring producers to undertake the responsibility of recycling or disposal of used packaging materials. The law stipulates that the enterprises that produce, sell and import the packaging materials listed in the compulsory recycling catalogue according to law must recycle the packaging materials in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, which means that the excessive packaging of commodities will be stopped

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