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The following Xiaobian wants to share with you a set of 70 square meters of pragmatism modern simple style small house type. After the designer's ingenious layout planning and design, it has created a fresh, comfortable, fashionable and elegant home space for the homeowner, so that people can enjoy the comfort and beauty of life. Next, let's take a look at the following group of small house decoration design renderings

70 flat modern simple decoration effect drawing

the simple decoration design creates a delicate, beautiful and very high-grade small family living room. The colorful chandeliers hanging on the ceiling in the picture laid the tone of elegant space; The light gray ceramic tile decoration on the TV background wall shows a kind of atmospheric and steady beauty; The black leather corner sofa is simple and quite textured, highlighting the pursuit of high-quality life; The dark floor curtains have also become a highlight, and the low-key design makes people feel warm

70 flat modern simple decoration effect drawing

look at this small family decoration design effect drawing. The kitchen and restaurant are relatively parallel, and the parallel layout makes the space more square and orderly, and also makes life more convenient. Like the living room, the kitchen restaurant is designed in a modern and simple style with fashionable and exquisite furniture and accessories. The elegant and graceful beauty is deduced to the extreme. In addition, the embedded storage space on the background wall of the restaurant is suitable for decorative paintings, books or red wine

70 flat modern simple decoration effect picture

exquisite chandeliers, spotlights emitting warm light, golden European style wallpaper, British style sliding door wardrobe, white solid wood double bed, dressing table and storage cabinet. After careful layout, simple decoration design elements make this small family bedroom look very neat and orderly, and the overall feeling is very elegant and fashionable. The pink bedding has become a touch of green in this effect picture, and the bright colors glow with a romantic style, enhancing the interest of life

70 flat modern simple decoration effect picture

bright yellow, as an extremely warm color, can not only create an extremely warm atmosphere in the space, but also bring people positive power, so as to make people feel bright. In the decoration design of this small family bathroom, the designer adopted a continuous approach. Bright yellow tiles extend from the shower room to the floor, enhancing the decorative effect of the space, and blue tiles are used between white and yellow tiles. The comparison of colors instantly makes the space colorful

editor's comments: the owner of this 70 square meter modern simple design scheme has a high evaluation. Both the design and the soft clothing collocation at home in the later stage are refreshing. Do you still want to see other decoration renderings? Sign up for the decoration bidding quickly, get 3 decoration effect schemes for free, and let professional designers help you design schemes for free. Free on-site room measurement. Registration phone: 400-607-2258 [free application]





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