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The luxury aircraft ordered by Zhao Benshan is worth 200million yuan. It has been exhibited in China

luxury beyond first class

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in front of Bombardier challengers, luxury RV is nothing.

Zhao Benshan has two hot news recently, one is nicknamed by netizens: Zhao Benshan stronghold, and the other is to spend a lot of money to buy a luxury aircraft

not long ago, this peasant artist from Northeast China paid 200million yuan to order his own landline machine, which attracted the attention of all parties. Zhao Benshan's purchase of the plane coincided with the grand release of his friendly performance "amazing three rivers". It is expected that this luxury plane will soon arrive in Shenyang. At that time, Zhao Benshan can take little Shenyang to accept “ Fans ” They screamed and applauded. Now let's have a long view of what it looks like in a plane worth 200million yuan

this small business jet ordered by Zhao Benshan is produced by Bombardier Bombardier, Canada, the world's largest business mechanism manufacturer, and belongs to the famous “ Challenger 850” Series. The total price of the whole machine is up to 200million yuan. In order to facilitate travel with staff and disciples, Zhao Benshan specially arranged 17 seats in the plane

it is understood that although Zhao Benshan bought a large number of seats, there are also many ancillary configurations. There are all kinds of common bars, bedrooms and office areas, and even the gym has been moved onto the plane. In April this year, Bombardier Canada and its Challenger 850 business aircraft were displayed in Shanxi, attracting the bosses of more than 10 local enterprises to visit, and Zhao Benshan had a special liking for this aircraft at the beginning of the year




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